Attending workshops is one of the ways in which Studentensport the Nederland supports its members. Members of SSN can always contact the organization with questions about sports and board matters. SSN’s network is large, so there is almost always a way to get your questions answered. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

Workshops & Trainings

As Student Sports the Netherlands, we attach great value to the further development of our members. SSN has joined forces with a number of parties to stimulate this further development. With the help of the trainer database, we offer our members a low-threshold way to develop further. Members of SSN pay a reduced rate for following various training courses and workshops. Since SSN considers the development of its members very important, there is the possibility to receive a financial contribution for following training. Of course, this is only possible if the conditions set are met. You can read more information about this in the trainers file.

The trainer database is a collection of information about various training agencies in the Netherlands that SSN works with. The file contains, among other things, information about the types of training that these agencies offer. For example, do you want to learn to work together better as a board? Or maybe you want to offer a workshop to your own member associations about recruiting sponsors? Then you’ve come to the right place! Various training agencies also offer tailor-made training courses especially for student boards. Got excited and want to know more? Then take a quick look at our trainer database!


Workshops & Trainingen

Feisty means something like spicy, fiery, some might even say stubborn. What do we mean by it? Trainings full of enthusiasm, power and content, that stick – and where the personal always has

an edge over the business. We ensure that the training suits your situation completely, so that you can sharpen your skills at lightning speed!

Feisty trainers know the student world through and through. We have extensive experience within student sports, study and student associations and employee participation. Our expertise lies in acquisition, team dynamics, communication & lobbying. We are happy to discuss what best suits your association or board.

We are experts in education, leadership and organization. With programs, guidance, workshops, advice and coaching, we support the well-being and personal and professional development of everyone in higher education: from board and board members, professors, coordinators, teachers, PhD students and students.

No standard formulas, but everything tailor-made with attention to everyone’s wishes and needs. For

example, it can simply be a time management workshop, or a much more complex form of team coaching and personal effectiveness, or negotiation with external parties, Mental Vitality and leadership. Just to name a few specific items.

In this way we contribute our stone to the construction of the higher education of the future. We support the creation of organizations and learning environments where talents flourish and everyone works together enthusiastically, consciously and involved!

SponsorVisie helps hundreds of associations structurally with fundraising at low costs through fundraising. the different products, but sometimes associations need tailor-made support. For example,

when setting up a sponsor committee, large financing or finding or better serving large sponsors.

SponsorVisie also advises various organizations on sponsorship, sponsorship policy and crowdfunding. We set up sponsor collaborations between sports associations for various municipalities. For the KNVB we developed substantive sponsor content for and for various companies we devise fun sponsor activations that contribute to the atmosphere or ambitions of the sports organizations as well as to the goals of the sponsor. We are especially proud of our recent activations for Picnic, ING and Donald Duck.

Als Reeland Consultancy zijn wij al bijna 20 jaar lang gericht op het Midden- en Kleinbedrijf maar leveren ook ondersteuning aan sportorganisaties en sportverenigingen. Deze is mede gebaseerd op de ruime ervaringen als bestuurder binnen de sport.

Als direct uitvloeisel daarvan zijn gaandeweg workshops ontwikkeld. In overleg met de opdrachtgever kunnen deze worden aangepast aan de hun wensen en ideeën. Gezamenlijk kunnen we toewerken naar die werkvormen en inhoudelijke punten die het beste bij de sportorganisatie past. De workshop moet namelijk niet alleen informatief maar ook toegespitst op de praktijk en bovenal leuk zijn.

Power2Improve has been helping student sports administrators and board members become the better version of themselves for almost 20 years. This with tailor-made masterclasses,

normally for top managers, but made affordable through and with SSN.

You will find many and diverse examples of training courses on our site. But please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to create a tailor-made masterclass for you.

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