Dutch Student Championship

Every year, more than 50 Dutch Student Championships take place under the flag of Student Sports the Nederland! Not only is there a great variety in the sports that are organised. The location where these championships take

place usually also differs per year.

NSK Paaldansen 2022


NSK Baan 2022



Are you, as a student athlete, curious about which championships are planned in this year? We would like to refer you to the overview.

Organising committee

If you, as an organizing committee, student sports association or student sports association, have the ambition to organize an NSK, we would like to refer you to the page ‘Organize an NSK’

Participants NSK’s

Are you curious at how many NSKs your city was represented and how many participants

took part in these NSKs?


Have you won an NSK as a student athlete and are you curious about whether there is a

European follow-up, then we would like to refer you to the ‘EUSA events page’

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