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FISU - International University Sports Federation

In the student sports there are not only national and European student championships, but of course there are also World Student Championships. These are held under the watchful eye of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).


For these world championships, a distinction is made between FISU World University Championships, FISU World University Games and FISU University World Cups.


The World University Championships are several individual championships in different disciplines, each organized in a different country, in a different city. As a student participating in top sports you participate in these championships on behalf of the Netherlands.


The World University Games are just like the Olympics, but purely for students. As with the Olympics, there is a summer and a winter edition. With more than 150 participating countries across 25 different sports, this is the largest multi-sport event for students in the world. The big difference is that the World University Games take place every 2 years and not every 4 years. As a top sports student you attend these events on behalf of the Netherlands.


The University World Cups are final tournaments for which you qualify as a team after winning the European Student Championship. You attend these events on behalf of your educational institution.

SSN Top sport

From the Netherlands, the SSN Topsport foundation is responsible for the recruitment & selection of student athletes for the World University Games and World University Championships. They do this in consultation with the relevant sports associations and unions.


Are you a Talent in the snow or on the ice? If you have sufficient level and are interested to participate, please register via our Chef de Mission: Jules Vereecken ->

World University Speed Skating Championship 2020 Amsterdam

In the year 2020, the Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam was the location where the World University Speed ​​Skating Championship 2020 was held. Not only was this one of the last major events in the Netherlands in that period due to corona, it was also the only World University Championship in the world that still took place in 2020. Curious what this event looked like? Then check out the video below.


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